Being Agile is a personal choice, not just a methodology!

Creating an Agile Business Culture is top news nowadays. Several of my today’s clients are involved in it, working with their own Agile Coaches.

“Let´s go Agile”. Easy to say, hard to do, and, moreover, hard to make it a lasting part of the companies’ culture and not just a fashionable new methodology. It demands for deep rooted organizational changes, and it demands for a different mindset and an enormous passion and will to create surprising customer value. But, let´s be honest, not everybody in the company will be willing or capable to make that step. Tough times ahead!

As the picture shows, it means we must un-learn certain ways of acting; authority and dominance, especially in leadership, creates opposition and kills creativity, motivation and wellbeing, and that’s the last thing companies need at this stage.

Agility comes from the inside and is based on our capacity to understand and live up to the essence of the concept. Being agile is a choice and a conviction. It is all about self-reflexion and attitude. That’s the real engine of being agile and our capability to change. Experiential Learning will open your eyes about your own “State of Being Agile”.